Q & A

More fun facts about Shalbey

Q. Which do you prefer, movie or book?

A. No preference. It’s story that counts.

I love the whole movie experience; queuing for popcorn, watching the trailers, the buzz of excitement as the movie begins. Movies are powerful, and it’s easy to get totally absorbed in them. Books can be read anywhere. Tucked up in bed. Lazing on the sofa. Sitting on a train.  For me reading is a quieter and more personal experience. I get lost in them. I read a lot. Really, a lot! My pile of ‘To Be Read’ books just grows and grows.

Q. All time favourite film and book?

 Film – Avatar. The animation and sheer beauty of the film took my breath away.

Song of the Sea, also animated, has a special place in my heart. It’s visually stunning and the story made me cry.

Hmm…. can’t leave out How to Train your Dragon though.

Book? There are so many, but definitely Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, How to Train your Dragon, The Magic Thief. I could go on. And on! I read adult books too, mainly historical and family sagas.

Q. What about Picture Books?

A. Love them! Fabulous illustrations and the story told in very few words. Brilliant! Hats off to authors and illustrators like  Michael Rosen/Helen Oxenbury – We’re Going on a Bear Hunt. Julia Donaldson/Axel Scheffler – The Gruffalo. Nicholas Allen – The Queen’s Knickers.  Pat Hutchins – Rosie’s Walk. This last book has only 32 words, the pictures do the rest.

Q. Do you have a favourite city?

A. Sorry, I don’t seem to be able to give one word answers. There are four favourites – Cape Town, Vancouver, Sydney and Hong Kong. I’ve been very lucky and have travelled a lot.

Cape Town Harbour

 Cape Town Harbour

Q. What else interests you?

A. Taking pictures, especially of boats, lighthouses, trees and flowers.

Beachy Head Lighthouse Eastbourne

Chalk Cliffs and Beachy Head Lighthouse, near Eastbourne

 Q. Tea or coffee? 

A. Neither. No caffeine thanks! Rooibos Tea (pronounced roy-boss – also known as Redbush) comes from South Africa and is my preference. Herbal Teas too, especially Liquorice tea.