My Books

Jack in the Wallows – available now from Amazon.jack-in-the-wallows-complete-1

How would you feel if you landed up in a strange kingdom and couldn’t get back? Jack has a problem at home and is about to presented with an even bigger one! Twelve year old Jack and his cousin Katie are snatched by Hero, a grumpy leprechaun, and whisked off to a mysterious world brimming with unique and wonderful creatures. But not all is as it seems.  There is a deadly menace.  The land has been overrun by fierce Gangrals, and Jack and Katie are expected to get rid of them. If they don’t their own world could be in danger too.

Although the queen and her subjects have magic aplenty, magic alone cannot solve the problem. Now, as the kingdom’s last hope, Jack and Katie are expected to fight the invaders and outwit a dangerous traitor with a deep-seated grudge against the queen. Can they save the Kingdom? And will they ever get home again?

Dragons in the Looking Glass – available now on Amazon

What do you do when you discover everything you believe about dragons is untrue?

Dragons in the Looking Glass turns the original ‘George and the Dragon’ on its head when cowardly George Knight is thrust into an adventure helping dragons solve the mystery of missing dragon eggs and saving his best friend, Sybil Damsel from her evil master. Smells, magic and dragons abound.