Jack in the Wallows

Jack in the Wallows – available now from Amazon.


How would you feel if you landed up in a strange kingdom and couldn’t get back? Jack has a problem at home and is about to presented with an even bigger one!

Twelve year old Jack and his cousin Katie are snatched by Hero, a grumpy leprechaun, and whisked off to a mysterious world brimming with unique and wonderful creatures.

But not all is as it seems.  There is a deadly menace.  The land has been overrun by fierce Gangrals, and Jack and Katie are expected to get rid of them. If they don’t their own world could be in danger too.

Although the queen and her subjects have magic aplenty, magic alone cannot solve the problem. Now, as the kingdom’s last hope, Jack and Katie are expected to fight the invaders and outwit a dangerous traitor with a deep-seated grudge against the queen.

Can they save the Kingdom? And will they ever get home again?

***** The main characters were not soppy or goody-two-shoes and they were not perfect. They were believable characters because they were good and bad. It was a really exciting story and a page-turner, especially after they met the queen and I could not put the book down. It was a very imaginative story. Gabriella, aged 8½ years.

***** “This is a lovely magical story with unique characters and truly imaginative settings. It’s a story that keeps you hooked from beginning to end as you follow Jack on his mysterious adventure to an underground world.”

*****An enthralling tale of magical lands and mythical creatures. Each page draws you deeper and deeper into an epic battle between good and evil where our two heroes, Jack and Katie have to save Queen Erinaka’s Queendom from Mallor the Weird and his army of Gangrals. Magic potions, spells, wands and a Seeker’s Scroll help our heroes on their almost impossible quest. The final moments are nail biting. Shalbey Bellaman entices her readers into a world of imagination, wonder and epic adventures. An absolutely delightful read! Tanne

***** “This story caught my imagination from the start: “Every night that week Jack’s dreams were filled with glimpses of strangely beautiful creatures in a surreal landscape, but at the end of each dream there was a terrible feeling of dread…” The writer interweaves both the beautiful magic and the terror as Jack and Katie are thrust into a miniscule land and into a story that twists and sparkles with magic, excitement, and with humour, as well. Jack and his cousin Katie are expected to save the queen, her people and her magical country from invaders which threaten not only their world but ours as well. “There is a ripple effect between the worlds, you see…” is how it is explained to Jack. The defeat of this tiny underworld would release the hordes into the overworld. The queen and the amazing creatures in this land may be overflowing with magic, but magic alone cannot keep the attackers away. It is a long time before Jack understands the sorrow that has made him the expected rescuer and protector of the Wallows. Then, so much of what he does goes wrong, that it seems that even the support he has is falling away. Jack needs to find another solution. Here is a new voice and a book written in fast moving style from a highly imaginative author which brings to my mind the work of the late, wonderful Diana Wynne Jones. The book is augmented by delightful small illustrations throughout, and the cover sums up the beautiful and terrifying elements of the story.” Bagbooks