Dragons – Resources

Writing, art and drama.

Resources 1 – Dragons in the Looking Glass – Discussion and Writing
Discussion. The book and related topics.  Download here:  Dragons Resources 1 Writing

  1. How is Dragons in the Looking Glass different to the original story of George and the Dragons?
  2. Which country in the United Kingdom has a dragon as its national animal? Which other country in the United Kingdom has a mythological creature as its national animal. Do you know which animal it is?
  3. What do you think of the relationship between Harry and Charlie, or George and Sybil? Are they friends? Would you like a friendship like theirs?
  4. Which is your favourite character in this book? Why?
  5. George seems to takes a long time to work out the mystery. Did you work it out before him? Did you spot a clue in one of the beginning chapters? What was it?
  6. Do you think George’s plan to reach Sybil is a good one? Does it work?
  7. Who are the villains/baddies? What are their plans? Are they defeated?
  8. Think of a funny name for a town, a mountain and a dragon.
  9. Who are the good wizards and who are the bad ones? What do the bad ones call themselves?

 Writing your own dragon stories:

  1. If you saw a dragon, would you be scared? What would you do? What would it do? Write a few sentences describing what happens.
  2. How do friends treat each other? Who is your friend? Would you go on an adventure with them? Write an adventure featuring yourself and your friend and perhaps a teeny-weeny dragon. J
  3. Imagine you are a dragon. Are you big, small, strong, fierce, kind, helpful or just plain silly/funny? What do you look like? Give yourself a dragon name, and then write a few sentences about yourself as this dragon. Write about your likes and dislikes, how you get about, flying, walking, swimming, what you eat and so on.
  4. Do a quick drawing of a dragon. What does it say? Give it a speech bubble with a short sentence that shows what kind of dragon it is. Friendly, kind, fierce etc.
  5. Write a few sentences about a dragon that lives in your pocket. What would you feed it? Would it talk to you? Why is it there?
  6. Using your own picture inspired by the book as a starting point, (see Art resource) write what happens when it meets George for the first time.

Resources 2 – Dragons in the Looking Glass – Art   Download here: Dragons Resources 2 Art

Use your imagination and own selection of colours to –

  1. Make a greetings card with a picture of one of the dragons from the book on the front of the card.  (Charlie, Harry, Blazing ‘Ot, Esmeralda the Elder, Drip, Mudpack, Beach, Tornado or Waft.)
  1. Draw your own dragon to display in your classroom, or send to Shalbey Bellaman to put on her website.

In the book there are Fire, Earth, Water and Air dragons, Harry, a sensitive Shadow Dragon and Charlie, a pompous, full of himself Puffer dragon. Can you think of other types of dragons?

Some ideas – an ice or lightning dragon, a cosmic dragon from the stars, a rock cracker dragon with huge teeth, a double winged dragon that flies extremely fast or an eel-like dragon that moves through small cracks.

Draw a map showing some or all of the following – a town, roads, a river, mountains, a forest and a ruined castle. (You can peep at the map in the book for ideas.)  OR: make a map of another place you’d like George to go to and show which direction he travels. Give town, rivers and other features funny names. Can you include a compass showing North, South, West and East?

Make a recipe book inspired by Dragons in the Looking Glass.

Draw, colour and cut out your choice of ingredients, or find pictures in magazines to paste into your book. Give each recipe a name.

Ideas – George loves syllabub (a drink made with milk, honey and soured with cider. (Cider is made from apples.) What is your favourite home-made drink? Which fruit would you use? (Dragonfruit, perhaps?) Is your drink made with milk or water? Honey to sweeten, will you add any spices? Give your special drink a name and put the name at the top of the page.

George’s worst meal is the cold, lumpy gruel (a type of porridge) made by Mistress Dimple. What is your favourite meal, does it have any dragon type flavouring, and is it flame grilled? Draw pictures of the ingredients for the book.

Sybil’s worst meal is stinky fish-head stew with fish eyes and bones. What could you make her instead? Dragon-breath pancakes or waterweed soup perhaps; the water dragons love waterweed, would Sybil?)

Charlie eats fruit and vegetables. What about a fruit salad? Invent a delicious recipe with your favourite fruit. Would you have it with cream or custard?

Harry likes flamed chicken. Can you think of tasty herbs and spices for flavouring?

Resources 3 – Dragons in the Looking Glass  Download here: Dragons Resources 3 Drama


  1. Which is your favourite scene in the book – let’s act it.
  2. Choose to act as one of the main character from the book – Harry, Charlie, George or Sybil.

Or, if you prefer, choose one of the masters, the good ones, Master Tomes, Mistress Mead, or the baddies, Master Shadyone, Master Historius or even Mistress Dimple, the nasty cook.

Once you have chosen, decide how you are going to portray your character. Work with a friend and act out a scene where something exciting happens.

Act out the following. Try to make everyone believe you: i) Your reaction if you were to see a dragon. ii) One or more of the following – Scared Sad, Cross, Crying, Disgusted, Happy, Laughing, Brave, Strength

  1. Have a conversation with a dragon. Get a friend to be the dragon.
  2. Imagine flying on the back of a dragon. Are you enjoying the flight and seeing wonderful sights?What does it feel like? Act out the journey out and tell your listeners what happens and what you see along the way. OR, as in George’s case, imagine you are being held in the dragon’s claws, dangling below it. Close your eyes (as he did for most of the flight).Act out the journey by moving with the dragon as it swishes along, using only facial expressions and arm movements to let your audience know what the journey is like.
  1. Can you be a baby dragon cracking and coming out of the egg? You’ll need to curl up tight, make a hole with the special tooth on the end of your snout, and push your way out.