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Jack in the Wallows Resources 1 

Jack’s Secret Stash

  1. Make (or draw) a 3D box for Jack’s mementos from his exciting adventure.
  2. What do you think he would keep in this box? List and add to your own box.
  3. Would he keep the box and its contents hidden? Discuss.
  4. If so, think of a good place where he could stash it.

Download PDF complete with Helping Hand notes here jack-in-the-wallows-resources-1

Jack in the Wallows Resources 2

Clean Up

When they return Jack and Katie want to help clean up the environment. Why?

What could you do in your area and how would that help?

Why is it important to look after the earth? Discuss.

Seeker’s Scroll and Wish List

Imagine having a Seeker’s Scroll. What would you ask it? Remember it’s the Scribe of Wisdom; the inner wisdom you already have. (So no requests for winning the Lottery!)

Imagine you have your own Wish-Granting Scroll.  Think of three things you wish for most. What would happen if they were granted? Would you choose wishes to help others? If so, who would it be?

Download PDF complete with Helping Hand notes here  Jack in the Wallows Resources 2

Jack in the Wallows Resources 3

Jack and the Giant                      

Mallor was evil and would have killed Jack and Katie if he had a chance.

What did Jack do?

Do you think Jack’s plan to get rid of the Gangrals and Mallor was a good one?

If it was your story, would you have changed the ending? How?

Giant-size and stinky

If you were Mallor, would you have turned Griffiths into the creature he is? Do you think it was kind?

Do you think Griffiths was loyal to his brother?

Is family loyalty important? Why?

Do you think Griffiths forgave Mallor? Is forgiveness important? Why?

Download PDF complete with Helping Hand notes here jack-in-the-wallows-resources-3